Viva La Revolucion


Bernie, Spartacus, Mayor Pete and a legion of other Democratic Presidential candidates are all vying for the title of most revolutionary. They criss-cross the country touting exciting “new” ideas: universal healthcare, guaranteed basic income, free college and the end of reactionary, “colonialist,” “imperialist,” oppressive social norms and structures. They are the vanguard. They are leading us into the future. They are bright, shiny and new.

Except they are not.

These are not new ideas. They are the tired, long-discredited policies of the Communist philosophy and absurdist world view conjured into existence by Marx and Engels in February of 1848. These are ideas, which were old when the First World War was fought. These are ideas, which have been tried and demonstrated to be catastrophic failures across the globe from the Soviet Union to North Korea to the cesspool that is today’s Venezuela.

They are the archaic, lingering echoes of the 150-year-old ramblings of two German philosophers who based their proposals, not on the real world or on practical experience, but on their own abstract thoughts and notions. Untold millions have died since as a consequence.

No, these stale, disastrous policies do not represent a revolution. There is, however, a real revolution underway in America today. It is the populist, America first revolution for which Donald Trump has become the standard bearer. Since President Trump’s election in 2016 his opponents, who are legion, have attempted to paint him as a reactionary. They have claimed that he is racist, homophobic and elitist. The President and his supporters, they claim, want only to drag us back into some evil, oppressive past.

The truth, which the President’s most vicious opponents know only too well, is fundamentally different. This is not a movement which seeks to reimpose Jim Crow or confine women to the kitchen. This is not a movement about race, class or gender at all. This is not about protecting corporate fat cats or oppressing the peoples of the Third World.

This is a grass-roots uprising, a true revolution. It is a response to globalist policies that have gutted our manufacturing base, impoverished our people and consigned the workers in out-sourced factories across the globe to lives of servitude one step above slavery. It is a response to policies that have pumped unlimited numbers of undocumented workers into our domestic economy where they steal the jobs of the most vulnerable and most needy. It is a response to an interventionist foreign policy, which entangles us in endless wars fought by the sons and daughters, not of our Congressmen and Senators, but by the children of the very same factory workers and farmers so impacted by our disastrous economic policies. It is a response to a massive governmental structure run by senior officials who have forgotten that all power derives from the people and believe that average Americans are too crude and uneducated to make their own decisions and run their own lives.

This is a revolution, and it will remake not just the nation but the world.

The mainstream media tells us we are in a trade war with China. The truth is that war started decades ago, and we have been losing. No longer. The Chinese economy is shrinking. Its factories are closing. We are not simply renegotiating the terms of our trade with Beijing. We are fundamentally altering the economic balance of power in the world. When we emerge from this effort China will be strategically weakened, and our economy, already roaring, stronger perhaps than it has ever been.

The President’s critics say he is pursuing racist policies regarding our southern border and is motivated by some desire to “keep America white.” The truth is that we are addressing a problem that has been out of control for decades and reasserting one of the most basic prerogatives of a nation state, its right to control its own territory and decide who can and cannot reside within its borders.

The President’s decision to impose tariffs on Mexico sends precisely the signal he desires. We will no longer watch the disaster unfold. We are going to stop the flow of illegal immigrants. We are going to regain control of our border. We are going to return to the rule of law.

The President’s opponents say he is acting illegally and capriciously. They suggest that we should place more trust in unelected judges and senior bureaucrats than we should in the elected President of the United States. They warn that President Trump is destroying the climate, devastating the environment and turning back the clock in social policy, education and a myriad of other areas.

The truth is that the American people are reasserting their fundamental right to chart their own destiny and make their own decisions. They do not want self-important, elitist officials in Washington, DC micromanaging their lives, playing with their children’s minds or telling them how to run their businesses. The people are fed up with a bloated, unaccountable bureaucracy and a class of imperial mandarins who think the populace exists to take orders and pay taxes.

Yes, there is a revolution in America today, a real, populist, angry revolution born of decades of frustration, and it is remaking our nation and the world. The President’s opponents, whatever their public stance, know that all too well. They understand that it will change everything, and that is precisely why we just saw for the first time in our history senior officials, including the heads of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Central Intelligence Agency stage an attempt to depose a sitting President, to stage a coup.  That was not an attempt to save America from Donald Trump, that was an attempt to save the “ruling class” from the forces massing against it.

There is a revolution in America today. It’s a revolution by the American people, the same ones who created this nation in the first place, and it will change everything.

Viva la revolucion.