Hercules And The Hydra – The Swamp Of D.C.


In Greek mythology perhaps there is no hero greater than Hercules, who roamed the Earth at the direction of the gods completing twelve incredible “labors.” And perhaps no such “labor” is more famous than Hercules’ defeat of the nine-headed Hydra, a snakelike creature than lived in the swamps of Lerna and terrorized the countryside.


Hercules is, of course, a mythical person. The Hydra is very real, and it is, unfortunately, alive and well in the swamps of Washington, D.C.

The press and the public are seized with the antics of AOC and the rest of the “Squad” and obsessed with the nonsensical socialistic policy proposals of the vast, pathetic group of Presidential candidates the Democratic Party has trotted out. In doing so, they ignore the obvious fact that the vast majority of the American people reject socialism and bigger government, and that platforms based on universal basic income, reparations and destruction of the “patriarchy” mean just one thing – a decisive Trump victory in 2020.

That’s bad enough, but distracted by the constant barrage of news articles about the latest mad Democratic proposals the press and the public are also blind to the much greater danger posed by the Hydra – the giant, immensely powerful, deeply-entrenched federal bureaucracy and its corporate cronies, which dwells in the swamp that is Washington, D.C. and which is waging war on the agenda of this President.

This creature’s intent is clear. Having failed to remove President Trump from office in America’s first coup, it will now wait him out. It will prevent him from effecting meaningful change. It will bide its time. And, then, when this President leaves, be that 2020 or 2024, we will return to business as usual, as if nothing had happened. President Trump will fade into history. The creature will abide and grow and tighten its grip on power.


Every day in Washington, D.C. this dynamic is on display but perhaps nowhere more clearly right now than in the ongoing struggle regarding the appointment of a new Director of National Intelligence (DNI) and the suggestion that Fred Fleitz, a former CIA analyst, fill that position. Fleitz is an eminently qualified candidate for the position and one about whom there should be little controversy, save for one thing. He is an enemy of the Deep State and a supporter of President Trump’s populist agenda.

The appointment of Fred Fleitz as DNI means that the vast bureaucracy that is the Intelligence Community loses its ability to resist the President’s agenda. It means the Intelligence Community will answer to the Chief Executive, as the Constitution dictates. It means the days of endlessly mushrooming budgets and work forces are over. It means the people regain control over a vast bureaucracy and the focus returns to doing the people’s business – not the pursuit of bureaucratic imperatives.

The hydra that is the vast, unaccountable federal bureaucracy cannot accept such a result, and so it has fought back. For weeks now a steady drumbeat of opinion pieces and commentary from talking heads has pushed every conceivable negative story line concerning Fleitz and the “danger” his appointment would pose:

He is an “Islamophobe.” He is inexperienced. He is devoid of sufficient intelligence background to hold the position of DNI.


In Fleitz’s place, the Deep State Hydra suggests that we should place our faith in Susan Gordan, the current Deputy Director of National Intelligence. Ms. Gordon is a loyal, public servant and no doubt in her own mind intends the best. Her attraction is no particular level of skill, ability or imagination, however. It is that she represents the status quo. She has for decades made her way up the bureaucratic ladder, holding one administrative or logistical position after another, offending no one, changing nothing and making no impact whatsoever on an ever larger, more expensive, more cumbersome and more intrusive federal intelligence apparatus.

Installing Susan Gordan as the DNI means one thing, nothing changes. Every corporation that makes hundreds of millions of dollars off federal contracts supporting a bloated federal Intelligence Community today will make hundreds of millions in the same fashion tomorrow. Every office that generates process, sucks up the taxpayers’ dollars and contributes nothing to national security today will be in existence and just as useless tomorrow.

We will continue to drain the pocketbooks of average Americans to pay for a wasteful bureaucracy. We will continue to conduct business as usual, prioritizing process or results. We will, most importantly, continue to spend ungodly sums of money and receive in return mediocre, poorly sourced intelligence even as the threats against us multiply and the dangers our nation faces increases.


Hercules defeated the Hydra by cutting off its heads one by one until it was dead. We need that kind of single-minded purpose to clean up Washington, D.C. and restore to the people control over the federal bureaucracy. Fleitz, as DNI, is the man for that job.

And, then we can move on to the Augean Stables (…the rest of the Swamp).