Democracy In Peril


Did we, in fact, just witness a concerted multi-year effort to depose a sitting President based on the false claim that he was an agent of Moscow and Vladimir Putin?  Without a doubt.

Are we now seeing an equally dubious second such coup attempt built on nebulous assertions that President Trump somehow abused his authority in asking Ukraine to investigate very real accusations of corruption on the part of Democratic politicians?  Yes.

When this effort fails, as it inevitably will, will there be additional such extralegal efforts launched in the future?  Of course.

But, wait.  It gets much worse.

Why Is The Bureaucracy In Control?

These are not the actions of a handful of conspirators.  This is not and never was a matter of efforts initiated by a small group of Democratic politicians and their political supporters within the bureaucracy.  This is a massive effort that extends across the width and breadth of the senior levels of the federal bureaucracy.  It seeks not just to depose a duly-elected President and to subvert the will of the people, but to, in effect, undermine the entire democratic basis of our republic.

A democracy is based fundamentally on the idea that all power derives from the people.  We are not subjects.  We do not ask for privileges.  We rule.  We have rights.  Those individuals we elect to office serve us.  Those individuals who are appointed to office to implement duly enacted laws do so at our pleasure and act only with what authority we have decided to grant them.

It is an imperfect system.  It will always be so.  It is, however, the best, fairest, most just political system ever devised by man, and it runs on the fundamental notion that the people know best how to govern themselves.

In today’s Washington all of that is upside down.

A class of entrenched, professional politicians holds sway.  They do not answer to the people.  They answer to the huge corporate and political interests that bankroll them and therefore own them.  Take a look at the publicly available figures on the top donors to federal campaigns.  You will find names like Fahr, LLC, an organization pushing a climate change agenda, the Carpenters and Joiners Union, the Soros Management Fund and Freedom Partners, a group opposing President Trump’s imposition of tariffs on Chinese goods and championing a “free trade,” globalist agenda.  Each of these organizations has pumped tens of millions of dollars into political campaigns.  Each has, in effect, bought politicians to advance its interests.

Our Congress No Longer Represents “Us”

The result is a top-heavy political class dominated by political figures who remain in place for decades.  Somewhere between 90 and 98 percent of Congressional and Senatorial incumbents win reelection.  As of October 25, 2019, five senators were in their 80s, 18 were in their 70s, 32 were in their 60s, The median age of Senators was 66 years of age.  Once elected, in effect, you stay until such time as you decide to leave.

A Judiciary Branch Out Of Control

Meanwhile, a federal judiciary that was created to apply the laws enacted by the people’s duly elected representatives and signed into law by the President has morphed into a self-appointed class of kings and queens. These new monarchs wink into existence new laws and standards never contemplated by the citizenry, never debated in any assembly and never signed by any executive.  They reserve unto themselves the authority, devoid of any basis in our Constitution, to act in place of both the legislative and executive branches and decide for themselves what the law should be.

As of this summer federal district court judges had issued 37 nationwide injunctions forbidding the federal government from taking action based on the order of President Trump. That was more than one such judicial order per month. These injunctions included decisions in which a lone federal district court judge substituted his or her judgment for that of the chief executive on matters related to national security, border control or immigration. Each such injunction constituted an order to the entire federal government to ignore the actions of the duly elected President. Four more such orders have been issued in the last week.

The Unelected, Fourth “Branch”

Most egregiously of all, a giant fourth unelected branch of government never mentioned in the Constitution, now holds unimaginable power. There are, counting contractors, somewhere between 7 and 9 million federal employees. The FY2020 federal budget will be almost $5 trillion.

This massive bureaucratic structure has long since moved past simply implementing the laws passed by Congress. It now has rule making authority that, in impact, dwarfs anything the House and Senate possess. Over the last decade, on average, the federal bureaucracy has promulgated 27 regulations for every law Congress has passed. In 2016, the last year before Donald Trump took office, Federal departments, agencies, and commissions issued 3,853 rules, while Congress passed and the president signed 214 bills into law.

None of the massive power blocks mentioned above have any intention of changing direction or relinquishing power. None of them, in fact, any longer believe in the notion of the “public servant” or accept that they should defer to the populace. The people do not rule.

The people “cling to their Bibles and guns,” in ignorance and fear… They cannot be trusted… They must be guided… They must be controlled.

All of this has been underway for many, many years. In some sense, in fact, since President Roosevelt fundamentally shifted our notion of the role of the federal government during the Great Depression. It has gathered steam mightily in recent years, however, under both Republican and Democratic presidents.

Big Government Collides With “We, The People”

And, now it has collided directly with the populist movement that put Donald Trump in the White House in 2016. Conscious that President Trump will once again emerge victorious in 2020, the erstwhile “new rulers” of the American people have no intention of allowing the people to decide for themselves who holds power in Washington, DC.

Their express goal is to subvert the will of the American people and preserve the power they have seized. The fate of our nation and our democracy hang in the balance.