Denmark Or The Soviet Union? Which Is It, Bernie?


Chris Matthews asks good questions about Bernie’s politics and intentions, but MSNBC panel gets it wrong…

Imagine if you will a paid Trump campaign staffer talking about herding opponents into reeducation camps, laughing about how some of them would not survive the hardships of confinement and threatening to burn cities and execute Democrats. Contemplate just for a moment the firestorm of criticism that would engulf the nation and the attacks that would be launched against the President.

Now imagine the same scenario but assume it involves not one but at least four paid members of Bernie Sanders’ campaign making the same kinds of statements, praising the Soviet gulags, laughing about the thought of Senator Mitch McConnell being imprisoned and fantasizing about public executions of their class enemies…Oh, wait, you don’t have to imagine. That actually happened.

Project Veritas, the conservative group which specializes in undercover “sting” investigations has now released videos of four separate paid members of the Sanders campaign making statements like these:

“If Bernie doesn’t get the nomination or it goes to the second round at the DNC Convention f***ing Milwaukee will burn.”

Project Veritas Video

“Walk into the MSNBC studios drag those mother f***ers out by their hair and light them on fire in the streets.”

“You want to fight against the revolution? You’re gonna die for it mother***er.”

Project Veritas video embedded below:

“I’m ready to start tearing bricks up and start fighting.”

“Guillotine the rich.”

“What will help is when we send all the Republicans to the re-education camps.”

Neither Bernie nor his campaign has made any response to the release of the videos. None of the four individuals involved, all of whom repeatedly espouse violence and extreme leftist positions, including the dissolution of the Senate and the House and the establishment of a dictatorship, has been fired or disciplined in any fashion by the Sanders campaign.

Chris Matthews of MSNBC, not normally a conservative voice, recently asked on-air some pointed questions about what exactly Bernie Sanders means when he describes himself as a socialist and reminded viewers that it has not been that long since the Cold War and the threat of a Communist takeover of the free world. Matthews’ fellow panelists during the broadcast seemed uncomfortable with the questions and tried to laugh them off.

Still, Matthews’ points were well made. Are we talking about Danish style socialism, which translates into a democracy with expansive social programs or are we talking something altogether different? What does Bernie intend and how do we know?

Sanders’ background does not suggest in the least that what he has in mind is simply an expansive social welfare state. On the contrary, everything we know about Bernie Sanders says that he is a communist and one, as a longtime member of a Trotskyist party, who is dedicated to the spread of the Soviet model of communism throughout the world.

Sanders has praised the Cuban Revolution and the totalitarian regime that holds sway there. In the 1980’s he traveled to Nicaragua, met with Sandinista leaders and advised them on how to more effectively resist American policies. Sanders has praised Venezuela and the nightmarish regime that is driving that once prosperous nation into the ground. In fact, Sanders’ official Senate webpage still includes an opinion piece, which states that the American dream is more likely to be realized in Venezuela that it is in the United States today.

Perhaps most importantly, Bernie has never walked back any of the positions he has held. Much of the press may simply have decided not to talk about Sanders’ history and his roots in revolutionary communist organizations, but the candidate himself has never suggested that he has changed his mind, modified his thinking or put any distance between himself and his previous support for authoritarian regimes worldwide.
When the Russian people rose up against the Tsar in 1917 they did not do so in order to make way for Stalin’s purges and the nightmare of Soviet rule. They acted in support of vague promises of a better life and a more equitable society. Only after the Tsar was gone and the old regime in shambles did they awaken to the fact that they now lived in a totalitarian hell.

The same has been the case with every communist revolution in history. The people are sold fairy tales and lured in by hazy promises of economic and social justice. Too late they see the true face of the revolution. By then there is no turning back.

Bernie’s staffers, caught on camera crowing about the coming revolution, have given us a glimpse of what may be the true face of the Sanders campaign. If it is not, if these individuals are anomalies and aberrations, then that ought to be easy enough for Sanders to clear up. Just answer Chris Matthews’ question, Bernie. What does socialism mean to you?

Denmark or the Soviet Union?