Ground Truth: The Horror Of Chinese Organ Harvesting


First In A Three-Part Series

In this podcast, I interview Ethan Gutman on Chinese organ harvesting. This is the first of a three-part series in which we will explore the origins of Chinese state-run organ harvesting programs.

What began on a small scale decades ago through the mid-1990’s, these programs have now morphed into a massive “kill to order” operation that provides organs for transplants to those willing to pay worldwide. Gutman discusses reporting that the Chinese are now engaged in “live organ harvesting.”

Ground Truth: Chinese Organ Harvesting – Turns To Live Organ Harvesting (1/3)

Gutman relates the story of Dr. Enver Tohi being asked to cut out the organs of a live human (ca 1998). Dr. Enver subsequently acknowledged that contrary to the claims of Chinese officials, that individual could likely have been saved. Tohi suggested that this particular individual likely was a political prisoner.

What is the motivation for the Chinese government’s move to live organ harvesting? Gutman responds that while he does not like to make Nazi comparisons, there are some similarities.

Gutman relates the story of a young doctor, whose name cannot be revealed, who was told by his superior to go to the political prisoner wing of the prison he worked in and take blood samples. When asked why the prison officials responded that there were six high ranking cadres (from the Chinese Communist Party – CCP) who had arrived and were waiting for kidneys. Need to map out blood types. The doctor was assured that he would only be taking blood samples.

When the young doctor went to take the blood samples, there was a panic among the political prisoners. They questioned the doctor, “you’re a Uyghur – how can you do this? After the doctor took the blood samples, those six cadres got their organs and left. Some months later, another six cadres came and got their organs.

The young doctor related that he didn’t know. He knew the prisoners were “bad people.” “Maybe I shouldn’t feel guilty.” The young doctor now questions that he understood the reality or the magnitude of what was happening.

As Gutman noted, we don’t know how widespread this practice is – we only get fragments of reporting. And, that the extent of this practice is unclear.

What we do understand is that the CCP is executing people to order and this is done on behalf of the CCP – for the CCP.

The second episode will explore the shifting into something more horrifying and much larger.

Guest Ethan Gutman is an author, Visiting Fellow China Research at the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation, Co-Founder International Coalition to End Transplant Abuse in China, a 2017 Nobel Peace Prize Nominee and the author – “The Slaughter.”