Ground Truth: The First Coup Attempt In American History


Retired CIA Ops Officer/CIA Chief of Station/Former Chief/CIA/CTC/WMD and #GroundTruth Host Sam Faddis speaks with Sabrina DeSousa, the former CIA officer cutaway and abandoned by the Obama Administration for her alleged involvement in a counterterrorist operation in Italy. They discuss General Flynn, the recently declassified documents that shed new light on his case and the broader outlines of the Spygate coup attempt against President Trump.

Since the beginning of this controversy, much of the media has attempted to minimize the significance of what happened and to treat each new piece of evidence as explainable as related only to the actions of a few overzealous FBI agents.

In fact, the evidence is clear that the scope of this plot extended well outside the FBI and that it was directed from within a “fusion cell” created by former CIA Director Brennan inside CIA Headquarters.

It is also apparent that the intent of this operation, once Donald Trump was elected, was always to destroy the Trump administration and remove a sitting President. This was the first coup attempt in American history.

Many other questions remain to be answered:

  • Who else was involved in this plot?
  • How many of those individuals remain inside the government to this day?
  • What foreign intelligence services cooperated in this coup attempt?
  • What foreign leaders may have also been complicit?

Listen in to hear their discussion: