AG Barr Says Flynn Case Dismissal Decision “Easy” Once New Evidence Came In


During an exclusive interview with Catherine Herridge of CBS News on 7 May, U.S. Attorney General William Barr said: “It was an easy decision, yes. I think- easy because- once I saw all the facts and some of the tactics used by the FBI in this instance and also the legal problems with the case. It was an easy decision.”

AG Barr noted that in January 2020, “General Flynn moved to withdraw his plea, and also alleged misconduct by the government. And at that time, I asked a very seasoned U.S. attorney, who had spent ten years as an FBI agent and ten years as a career prosecutor, Jeff Jensen, from St. Louis, to come in and take a fresh look at this whole case. And he found some additional material. And last week, he came in and briefed me and made a recommendation that we dismiss the case, which I fully agreed with, as did the U.S. attorney in D.C. So we’ve moved to dismiss the case.”

Additionally, Barr noted the following in response to Herridge:

Q: Does the new evidence show that the counterintelligence case against General Flynn was simply left open to lay a trap for lying?

BARR: Yes.  Essentially.