Ground Truth: Organ Harvesting In China – Literally Killing 25,000 Uyghur’s Every Year


In this third and final segment of our series on organ harvesting in China, Ground Truth Host Sam Faddis discusses with Ethan Gutman the current status of the Chinese Communist Party’s horrifying slaughter of political dissidents and ethnic minorities.

Literally, millions of Uyghurs have been confined into concentration camps where they are systematically tested and categorized for their use as unwilling “donors” of organs to be sold to the highest bidder.

The worldwide medical community is complicit in allowing this trade to continue and in sending foreigners to China for transplant procedures.

The individuals from whom the organs are harvested are dismembered while still alive.

The trade is so large and so lucrative that special fast track lanes exist at airports near the Uyghur concentration camps to ensure harvested organs arrive fresh at the hospitals where transplant procedures take place.

Because the Uyghur are Muslim their organs are considered halal and are widely sought particularly by transplant patients from Muslim nations such as Saudi Arabia.

Conservative estimates are that 25,000 Uyghur a year are being slaughtered to feed the trade in live human organs particularly.

Listen in as Ethan Gutman, Author of “The Slaughter” discuss the current state of China’s organ harvesting program: