Ground Truth: Regime Change In Iran


Ground Truth Host Sam Faddis talks with Retired CIA ops officer and former colleague John Maguire about the situation inside Iran and the prospects for regime change.

Here are the key points they discuss:

The tyrannical theocracy that controls Iran is morally bankrupt and in desperate economic trouble.

The vast majority of Iranians hate the regime and want it to be overthrown. They are desperate for news of the outside world and looking for support.

The Iranian people can make their own decisions and determine their own fate. They need the United States to stand with them, however.

Sanctions must be maintained. We must starve the Iranian regime of the money it needs to survive and to continue to spread terror worldwide.

The US must stop allowing the Iranian regime to strike US forces and US allies in the Middle East. We must strike decisively against Iranian proxies and the Revolutionary Guard.

The U.S. must oppose Iranian actions in Iraq and stop the wholesale theft of Iraqi resources by Iran. The Iraqi people deserve a chance for a future free of Iranian control.