How Will Life Be Different For Pennsylvanians In The Yellow Phase?


For many, this whole coronavirus pandemic has been a nightmare, whether it’s due to the loss of a loved one or due to the loss of their business or due to sheer isolation. Citizens across the nation have felt the heartbreak and pressure of living life under COVID-19.

For many Pennsylvanians, the nightmare will end on Friday, May 15. On May 8, Gov. Tom Wolf announced that 13 more counties including Allegheny, Bedford, Greene, and Somerset would be moving into the ‘yellow-phase’ on May 15.

This does not include the 24 counties that were moved to the yellow phase on May 8. Meanwhile, the rest of the state remains in the red phase until June 4.

What will life look like under the so called “yellow-phase“?

While childcare centers will be allowed to open, schools will remain closed. Retail stores are allowed to open for in-person shopping, malls are to remain closed. Bars and restaurants are still limited to takeout and delivery.

Telework is encouraged whenever possible.

Stay-at-home orders will be lifted, and large gatherings of no more than 25 are acceptable.

Meanwhile, places such as gyms, spas, and movie theaters will remain closed.

While the yellow phase does dish out more freedom to constituents, it is little more than a phase for counties to remain in “limbo.”