Ground Truth: The Growing China – Iran Unholy Alliance


Sam Faddis and Retired CIA ops officer John Maguire discuss the growing Iran-China alliance, the implications for global security, and what the United States should be doing about it.

Iran and China are increasingly close. Their strategic relationship is expanding. Iran is now discussing leasing China a location for the construction of a Chinese naval base at the mouth of the Persian Gulf.

From this position, the Chinese will be able to threaten much of the world’s oil supply. Combined with their aggressive actions in the South China Sea this move has the potential to change the balance of power in the world. There is nothing accidental about this Chinese move. This is a deliberate, strategic move directed at the lifeblood of the world economy.

The United States continues to react tepidly to the growing threat posed by Iranian moves in the Middle East. When we do act it is typically a case of “too little too late.” We desperately need to adopt a proactive approach, which destroys Iran’s capacity to wage asymmetric warfare and destabilize the region.

To do so, we need to change our mindset, stop looking to the military for all solutions, and understand the nature of the enemy. This is a conflict we must win fighting in the shadows using intelligence and special operations capabilities to dismantle the networks the Iranians use to attack us and our allies.

To win this war, we need to rebuild and reenergize our intelligence services, particularly the CIA. We also must shift from a reactive posture that concedes the initiative to the enemy to one in which we act first and force the enemy to react to us. (Interview below.)