Mollie Hemingway on Levin Show: Trump Administration Victim Of Coordinated Leak Campaign


Mollie Hemingway, a contributor to The Federalist, joined Mark Levin’s Life, Liberty & Levin show yesterday to discuss the unmasking of Flynn and the spying on the Trump administration by the Obama administration and Obama administration-appointed officials after Trump was inaugurated.

Levin starts the interview by asking Hemingway about a 5 January 2017 meeting in the Oval Office, led by the President of the United States. Is it believable that Barack Obama didn’t know anything about any of this? Hemingway responds that “it’s not believable for multiple reasons” and then points to the fact that we now know that those in the Obama administration who claimed there was Russian collusion with the Trump campaign knew and testified that they had no evidence of Russian collusion.

“It was a counterintelligence investigation that really should never have started.” Hemingway points out counterintelligence investigations should be known to the president as they are intended to protect the security of the nation. “It was never believable that he didn’t know about it” and there are numerous indicators – such as the cell texts from Lisa Page that state “the President wants to know everything about this issue.”

Levin then goes on to discuss the leaking of LTG Flynn’s name to the press and the fact that so many people who had access to this information was quite large. “Why did the U.S. ambassador to Turkey need this information?” Heminway discusses why masking is done in the first place – to protect U.S. persons’ names from appearing in intelligence reports. “Unmasking” is done by intelligence officials who have “investigating authority” – “no one in the West Wing of the White House has legitimate investigative responsibility,” states Hemingway.

Hemingway suggests there is now evidence that we have reason to believe based on testimony previously given, that Michael Flynn’s name was never masked as it related to the phone call with Ambassador Kislyak and that would have been inappropriate to fail to mask his name initially and means more personnel would have then had access to this information.

The reason any of this matters is that the “Trump administration was the victim of a coordinated leak campaign to set a knowingly false narrative of Russia collusion.