NJ Gym Owner Says “Sick And Tired” Of Rights Being Trampled


Defies New Jersey’s Stay-At-Home order and opens on Monday.

New Jersey gym owner Ian Smith said Monday on “Fox & Friends” that he was sick and tired of their rights being trampled. Smith said they, along with everyone else in the country, complied with the stay-at-home orders since the coronavirus was a new threat and not much was known about it. We were told that the government was going to be there – “have our backs.” We were told for two weeks. The middle class is struggling – not just small businesses.

“We’re tired of this, we’re going to go bankrupt.”

Smith said they are now on their third month of closure and see no light at the end of the tunnel – they do not see any concrete plans to open the state of New Jersey. Smith also pointed out that while “big box” stores with lots of customers have been allowed to remain open, the smaller guys – small businesses – who have a closer relationship to their customers and therefore more reason to protect them – have been shuttered.

Smith stated that he would continue standing for his rights and continue to open even if authorities shut him down on Monday. Smith says they have copied everything the big box stores are doing and then looked at all CDC guidelines and have taken all precautions; they will take temperatures, clean down equipment before and after each use.