U.S. Attorney Huber Calls Attention To Childhood Exploitation


U.S. Attorney John Huber penned a letter to the Standard-Examiner on 15 May 2020 drawing attention to child exploitation and child pornography. The label “child pornography” fails to capture the true essence of the crime.”

Huber stated that the issue is a growing one in which the victims get younger every year. He also drew attention to the fact that in some ways the COVID-19 lockdown has not helped children as they have little interaction with teachers, ministers, and other adults and that they are likely spending more time online where they are vulnerable to victimization.

We should not forget about physical dangers that exist offline, as well, and watch over our children as our community transitions back to more normalized activity beyond the pandemic. Let’s teach our children about body safety and boundaries. Parents should continue to be mindful and screen those who provide childcare or babysitting, and consider safety precautions during playdates and overnight visits.

US Attorney John Huber – Sentinel-Examiner OpEd 15 May 2020

Reactions to his Twitter post, below, complained that it was pathetic that tech giants would censor Americans’ right to free speech but allow these sordid, exploitive images to persist across the internet. Many called for stronger sentencing guidelines.