Professor Instructs Rioters How To Topple Monuments?


As riots continued nationwide – now worldwide – Sarah Parcak, a University of Alabama professor of Egyptology, took to Twitter with a string of tweets instructing rioters how to topple monuments. She described these instructions for destroying monuments as “PSA’s” — Public Service Announcements.

In one of her tweets she suggested that an obelisk “might be masquerading as a racist monument I dunno.”

Ms. Parcak apparently wanted to ensure that rioters did not destroy any actual Egyptian monuments, stating in one tweet: “OK because this is twitter I need to clarify: PLEASE DO NOT PULL DOWN ACTUAL ANCIENT EGYPTIAN OBELISKS that was not the point of this thread.” A Washington Times article suggested that Ms. Parak might be instructing rioters in Washington, D.C. on how to take down the “racist” Washington Monument.

Just to be clear, Ms. Parcak reiterated that it was ok to take down any obelisks “pretending to be ancient Egyptian obelisks when they are in fact celebrating racism and white nationalism.

As of mid-afternoon Monday, there appeared to be no comment from the University of Alabama Birmingham, where Ms. Parcak is reported to work. On Ms. Parcak’s Twitter feed, she claims that she is “Professor @uabnews, Egyptologist, mom, 2020 Guggenheim Fellow.”

Ms. Parcak tweeted early this afternoon that there might be an obelisk in “downtown Birmingham” and could “someone please show this thread to the folks there.”

Shortly thereafter, Ms. Parcak tweeted that her posts were “entirely hypothetical” and please “don’t topple the Washington Monument.” You can decide for yourself whether the latter caveats were sincere and read her thoughts on racism in American on her Twitter feed here.