Ground Truth: Why The FBI Did Not Warn Of Nationwide Insurrection


Sam Faddis and retired CIA ops officer John Maguire discuss the ongoing riots and the intelligence failure that left us blind to the growing threat.

All across the country, we have seen the signs of a massive underground organization determined to set this nation on fire and bring down the existing social order. Operatives have been assigned to specific areas and given written instructions on how to incite violence. They have been issued standard prepaid cellphones and given guidance on communications procedures. Bicycle scouts have warned of advancing police. Medical teams for injured operatives have been deployed. Pallets of bricks and supplies of flammable liquids have been trucked into major cities.

This insurrection must have been years in the planning, yet we received no warning of any kind apparently. Despite a massive intelligence bureaucracy, we were blind to the threat growing right here at home.

How is this possible?

Where was the FBI?

How do we fix this? There must be accountability. There must be change. The American people are angry, they are scared, and they demand change.