Ground Truth: Discussion With Former CIA Officer On Spygate


Who was leaking and who authorized it?

Sam Faddis and former CIA officer Sabrina DeSousa talk about the role of leaks of classified information in the coup attempt against President Donald Trump.

Declassified documents show that even FBI officials involved in the Spygate affair were often surprised and taken aback by leaks coming out of CIA and their effectiveness. In fact, FBI officers Page and Strzok acknowledged that CIA was much more effective at playing this kind of propaganda game than they were.

Much of the information being leaked as part of the effort to destabilize the Trump Presidency was highly classified. It went to at least eighteen different news outlets. Such an operation would have required a number of individuals working in concert, most of whom remain unidentified.

How high did this conspiracy go?

Who authorized this unprecedented abuse of sensitive information?

How many of the individuals involved remain in power and are continuing to work to prevent U.S. Attorney Durham’s investigation from ever uncovering the truth?