Project Veritas Exposes ANTIFA Tactics, Use Of Tradecraft


“Practice an eye gouge, it takes very little pressure to injure someone’s eyes.”

Project Veritas continues it investigative reporting and has managed to get someone inside ANTIFA, one of the groups leading the violent riots nationwide, perhaps worldwide, in the wake of George Floyd being killed while in police custody in Minneapolis last week.

Project Veritas footage and discussion with one member of the Rose City ANTIFA group discusses security measures for meetings = cell phones are kept in a separate room (bathroom) while the meeting takes place to avoid any possible recording of that meeting and/or training session.

One of the individuals quoted in the Project Veritas footage, is identified as Nicholas Cifuni – however it is unclear from the footage whether that name has been verified.

Cifuni is quoted with statements such as:

“Police Are Going to Be Like: ‘Perfect, We Can Prosecute These [Antifa] F**kers, Look How Violent They Are.’ And Not That We [Antifa] Aren’t, But We Need to F**king Hide That Sh*t.”

Project Veritas, ExposeANTIFA video

“Project Veritas does not condone any violence whatsoever. It is a sad time in our nation’s history with Antifa activists hijacking #blacklivesmatter protests in cities across the country, attacking the police and engaging in violence,” said Project Veritas founder and CEO, James O’Keefe.

One of the individuals filmed in the expose talks about some of the recruiting tactics – use of Protonmail, requirement to dress in “black bloc” to obscure your identity and the use of “tradecraft” which includes “signaling” methodology. The recruit also mentioned Caroline, the founder of RCA (Rose City ANTIFA) who moved to Sweden with her husband. The recruit says that there are connections with Europe ANTIFA members.

U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr has stated that he intends to pursue violent, radical agitators to the fullest extent of the law – vowing to use all the resources of the FBI and other federal law enforcement.

The Project Veritas video is posted in below tweet: