Ground Truth: The Dalai Lama Escapes And Kissinger Sells Out Tibet


Ground Truth Host Sam Faddis and Tibetan activist and writer Jamyang Norbu pick up their discussion of the Tibetan resistance where they left off in the last episode.

The Tibetan resistance, crushed in Eastern Tibet in 1956 fell back on the capital city of Lhasa. Desperate fighting continued. CIA assistance to the resistance grew in scope and scale.

Despite outside assistance, though, the Chinese ground down the Tibetan fighters and solidified their control over the country. Tibetan leaders recognized that the ultimate battle for control of Tibet would revolve around the young Dalai Lama, the nation’s spiritual leader.

To prevent the Dalai Lama from being co-opted by the Chinese, Tibetan leaders organized one of the most audacious and successful secret operations in history. They moved the Dalai Lama and an entire Tibetan government in exile out of Lhasa under the noses of Chinese troops and security officials.

Ground Truth Host Sam Faddis and Jamyang Norbu

The Dalai Lama and the Tibetan government officials who would form the nucleus of a new, free government in opposition to Beijing arrived safe and sound in India, where the Dalai Lama resides to this day.

Ultimately, however, the armed resistance to the Chinese, now based in a CIA facility in the Himalayan kingdom of Mustang, was forced to largely shut down and abandon its arms.

The United States, following the defeatist guidance of Henry Kissinger, abandoned the Tibetan freedom fighters, and Nepalese authorities, responsible for Mustang, finally forced the last few thousand fighters at the now-defunct CIA base to surrender their arms.

Tibet today remains under the brutal occupation of Chinese forces.