Breaking: D.C. Tent City Appears – Blocks Rush Hour Traffic Routing Traffic Towards White House


Just Now Near Lafayette Square

Updated: 1:45 p.m.

D.C. police have arrived at Farragut Square. The police are reportedly speaking with the “homeless” or the “campers” one of whom has a “Captain American” shield.

A Washington D.C. “tent city” appeared over the weekend on H Street sidewalks. That “tent city” appears to have grown Sunday evening and moved directly onto H Street. Vehicular traffic is now blocked and traffic appears to have been re-directed to move past the White House.

An observer who works in the area stated that it appears the city government may be assisting the protestors – by picking up their trash. The campers have now pitched tents directly in lanes of traffic thereby block vehicular traffic.

It is unclear whether D.C. officials will attempt to move the “campers” from H Street. The observer reported that many businesses in the area remain closed.

This is a picture by @ABC7Jay of H Street NW DC near Lafayette Park and “Black Lives Matter Plaza” from 20 June.

Story will be updated if/when new information is reported.