More Protesting In D.C. – Traffic Blocked Again This Morning – Trump Says There Will Be No Autonomous Zone In D.C.


Updated: 11:03

President Trump, apparently responding to last night’s attempt to establish an autonomous zone in the “Black Lives Matter Plaza” just stated that there will never be an autonomous zone in D.C.

Protestors have been occupying a portion of H Street in D.C., across from the White House for several days in what has been named “Black Lives Matter Plaza.” Tents were erected on the sidewalks along H Street over the weekend and on Sunday night they were moved into the street, blocking morning rush hour traffic on Monday.

During the protests last night it was reported that pepper spray was used. Additionally, some reported that as a group apparently attempted to take down Andrew Jackson’s statue and establish an autonomous zone.

Many claimed, via Twitter, that the D.C. Metro Police Department officers were attacking peaceful protestors. The video of last night’s protest show officers of the U.S. Park Police also assisting with crowd control. As reported yesterday, the protests moved into the street yesterday, blocking Monday’s rush hour traffic. Despite the removal of the tents yesterday, traffic again was impeded Tuesday morning by the placement of pipes with “spikes” placed in the pipes in order to disrupt this morning’s traffic as well.

According to an observer, police have moved in with a dump truck and bulldozer and approximately 50 MPD officers to remove barriers along H Street near Vermont Street.

The tents that had been erected over the weekend were removed from the roadway yesterday afternoon and evening by MPD and the U.S. Park Police. Tents that remained on the sidewalks are now being removed by D.C’s Department of Public Works (DPW).

Fox News “Fox 5 DC,” reported that four officers were injured yesterday in confrontations with protesters.