House Democrats Hold News Conference On Police Reform Legislation After Senate Democrats Blocked Senator Scott’s JUSTICE Act Reform Bill

Ahead of a vote on the “George Floyd Justice in Policing Act of 2020” in the House.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi and a number of House Democrats took to the steps of the Capital in Washington D.C. this morning to announce their planned vote on House legislation called the Justice In Policing Act. The Senate also produced police reform legislation, but this was blocked by Senate Democrats this Wednesday.

The legislation, which was led by Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) did not get the needed sixty votes to move forward for debate. Senate Democrats argues “the measure did not go far enough to root out failings in policing.” Senator Scott asked them “If you don’t think we’re right, make it better. Don’t walk away. Vote for the motion to proceed so that we have an opportunity to deal with this very real threat to the America that is civil, that is balanced.”

Scott was interviewed on Fox News and said the “American people deserve police reform, but the Democrats have no desire to actually solve this issue before the election. It is shameful.”

During Senate testimony regarding the bill he lead on police reform, Scott noted that “all these communities have been run by Democrats for decades…I’m willing to compete for their vote. Are you?”

Senate Marsha Blackburn weighed in to say that “Republican-led police reform does not fit the Democrats’ narrative. That’s why Senate Democrats blocked @SenatorTimScott’s JUSTICE Act, which offered real solutions for reform in America.

Senator Scott said that he offered 20 amendments to the bill addressing all of the concerns stated by Senate Democrats for why they would not support the bill.