Representative Jim Banks: New York Times Used Unconfirmed Intel In An Ongoing Investigation


The blood is on their hands.

Representative Jim Banks, (IN-R), took to Twitter to discuss a briefing by White House Chief of Staff (CoS) Mark Meadows. Banks stated that the briefing regarded the New York Times “hit piece” falsely accusing President Trump of ignoring reports that Russia placed bounties on American soldiers in Afghanistan. Banks said the meeting included CoS Meadows and top intelligence officials.

Banks stated that the real scandal is that “we’ll likely never know the truth…Because the @nytimes used unconfirmed intel in an ONGOING investigation into targeted killing of American soldiers in order to smear the President. The blood is on their hands.”

Banks stated that it is now impossible to finish the investigation, because the New York times “will do anything to damage” President Trump, “even if it means comprosmising” national security.

Banks added that it was “sad, but many in the media and Congress rushed to judgement before learning the whole story.” “We should treat anonymously sourced” New York Times stories about Russian with “skepticism.”

Banks noted that “No President in my lifetime has been tougher on Russian than” President Trump and added that “Americans don’t buy the phony Russia-Trump-Collusion narrative.”