Face Masks: Do We Need A Federal Mandate? Are They Effective?


What about surface exposure?

There has been a noticeable uptick among politicians pushing for a federal mandate to ensure that all Americans wear masks in most public settings. Most of this has been from Democrat politicians. Former Vice President and Democrat candidate for the presidency, Joe Biden started his federal mandate push for masks last week, other Democrat governors, senators and representatives have also been pushing during interviews and on social media for the mandate.

This has accompanied the current refrain that we are seeing “spikes” in certain states of COVID-19 cases. What defines a COVID-19 case?

Dr. David Samadi, who had been a frequent guest on and contributor to CNN, has recently been calling out the advice to mask and lockdown. Dr. Samadi has called out Dr. Anthony Fauci – noting that Fauci perhaps just wears his mask for the cameras? Additionally, Samadi says we do not need a national face mask mandate and that it does not make sense.

Samadi has also come out saying that the “politics of this virus, however, do worry me. We do not need to enter yet another lockdown. Locking down again delays our progress in fighting this virus and only hurts our country more. As a doctor, I urge our politicians to start using science!

Further Dr. Samadi says:

I refuse to spread fear or paranoia where it’s not needed. We have more tools to defeat this virus than we did before. The media is drumming up absolute fear 24/7.

I have only my Twitter to spread facts & science.


Regarding a federal mask mandate? Samadi says it “does not make sense.”

Dr. Anthony Fauci has been all over the map about his comments on the effectiveness of mask-wearing to stop the spread of COVID-19 cases. And, the World Health Organization (WHO) had guidance on their site stating that the wearing of masks showed no ability to impede the spread of viruses and advised that healthy individuals should only wear masks when “taking care of” coronavirus patients. However, the CDC makes claims contrary to WHO guidelines, stating that mask-wearing prevents or slows the spread of the virus.

Samadi posted a video which captures Dr. Fauci’s different stances on the effectiveness of mask-wearing:

Why the focus on masks, vice hand sanitizer or gloves?

Why have we stopped talking about or being warned about surface contamination as a route of infection? When the virus first started, the CDC and the WHO both stated that good hygiene – handwashing, in particular, was essential in stopping the spread of COVID-19. Medical News Today published an article discussing how long the coronavirus lasts on surfaces and the factors that affect the virus’s longevity – such as air temperature. They noted that coronaviruses could persist on surfaces from hours to up to 9 days.

Specifically, they note that “transmission (of coronavirus) in healthcare settings can be successfully prevented when appropriate measures are consistently performed.” Handwashing, in particular, is critical – with them noting that the installation of handwash stations in the emergency department was the only infection control measure which was significantly associated with the protection” (from healthcare workers acquiring the virus) in a Taiwan study.

“installing hand wash stations in the emergency department was the only infection control measure which was significantly associated with the protection from healthcare workers from acquiring the [SARS coronavirus].”


Dr. Samadi points out in a video posted to Twitter that your cellphone could be the single most item you utilize that could expose you to coronavirus. Samadi reminds us that you should clean or disinfect your phone and phone case several times per day. Samadi reminds us that this is not just to protect against coronovirus, but against all viruses, germs, and bacteria that this frequently used device carries. A National Geographic article focussed on “fighting germs wherever you go” and stated washing your hands was perhaps the best way to prevent the spread of germs. Stating studies from the CDC, National Geographic said “proper handwashing can reduce the number of people who catch respiratory illnesses by 16 to 21 percent.”

Because of the backlash and concern from the American public and scientists and professionals regarding the need for a federal mask mandate, the new narrative being pushed is but it’s “good for the economy!” CNBC reported that “Goldman Sachs says a national mask mandate could slash infections and save the economy from a 5% hit.” The CNBC article did not provide any of the research and notes that Goldman Sachs said that a mask mandate “could” slash infections….

Again, you decide…