Video: White House Holds “National Dialogue” On Re-Opening U.S. Schools & Colleges


Pennsylvania educator says “we’re ready to go back…”

As President Trump noted on Twitter that COVID-19 fatality rates are plummeting earlier today, the White House gathered medical experts, school and university officials and parents to discuss the effects that closing our schools has had on our children – from pre-school through higher education.

Many parents noted that students do not learn the same via distance learning and that in addition to students missing out on the face-to-face instruction there may be no reason that children cannot return to schools. It was noted that the death rate for those under twenty years of age is nearly zero.

In particular, one mother – a single parent – noted that for her and other single parents and for those attempting to now work from home, the absence of formal “in-person” schooling has been very difficult for helping them continue to stay in the workforce and/or to return to the workforce. The full video is at the link below.

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