Ford Foundation Funding “Defund The Police” As Ford Heir Joins Board To Drive “Racial Injustice” Agenda


It was reported in February 2019 that Henry Ford’s great, great-grandson, Henry Ford III, was going to join the board of the New York-based Ford Foundation. The first Ford family member to sit on the Foundation board in forty-three years. Henry “Sonny” Ford joined the Foundation’s Board of Trustees to help drive its “racial injustice” agenda.”

The Ford Foundation today…

From the Ford Foundation website, here are some of the projects the Ford Foundation invests in:

Just Cities and Regions” is focussed on housing insecurity and unaffordability, noting that “years of discriminatory federal, state and local…policies has “fueled the country’s enormous racial wealth gap.” It further says that these gaps have “perpetuated inequality across a broad range of issues, including employment, mass incarceration, and voting rights.”

U.S. States Program” is focussed “massive social reforms” including access to reproductive rights, LGTBQ rights reducing punitive sentencing, housing and economic development policies and preventing the passage of voter ID laws.

Gender, Racial, and Ethnic Justice‘ is focussed on improving gender, race, class, disability, and ethnicity-based structural inequalities. Here are some of the issues that the Foundation will not fund: Prisoner re-entry services, employment of formerly incarcerated people, indigent defense reform, civil access to justice, conditions of confinement, the death penalty, and wrongful convictions – as these are related to “mass incarceration” which they are attempting to reform and change. They support “initiatives that push back against the narrative of incarceration as an answer to public safety, instead emphasizing the humanity of the people in the criminal justice system.”

Ford Motors holds 65% of the market share for police vehicles but supports the “Defund the Police” movement…

According to a National Pulse article, while Ford Motors holds 65% of the market share for police cars, it is actively taking part in the “Defund The Police” movement.

We’ve seen our grantees at the forefront of the change that’s taken place over the last few days—from the City Council of Minneapolis’s pledge to dismantle the police department to reimagine public safety, to Mayor Garcetti’s commitment to divest $250 million of the LAPD’s budget.”

The National Pulse states that since 2016 the “Ford Foundation has given roughly $7.8 million to Black Lives Matters and similar groups through a partnership with Borealis Philanthropy.” Saying that these groups are now the public face of the Defund the Police movement, which was born from a group seeded by the Foundation back in 2015 called Black Youth Project 100 (BYP100) at the University of Chicago. BYP100’s mission was to “Disband, Disarm, Disempower” the police.

The Ford Foundation told the National Pulse that the Ford Motor Company and the Ford Foundation are separate entities and that the motor company has its own charitable arm. However, Henry Ford III exercises authority at both the Foundation and the Ford Motor Company.

Updated: 14 July 2020

Ford employees made a demand that Ford stops making police cars for police departments, however, Ford’s CEO Jim Hackett responded in a memo meant to “nip it in the bud” saying that first responders protect us. Hackett and Ford Chairman Bill Ford said that they would continue to produce police cruisers, but that they believed “deeply” that “there is no room for the systemic repression and racism that have been exhibited by law enforcement encounters gone wrong.”