President Trump Signs Executive Order On Hispanic Prosperity Initiative


Yesterday, President Trump signed an Executive Order (E.O) intended to improve Hispanic American’s access to educational and economic opportunities.

The E.O.states that this initiative is intended to improve access and says it will a) identify and promote educational and workforce development practices that have improved educational, professional, and economic outcomes for Hispanic Americans, b) encourage private-sector initiatives and foster public-private partnerships that improve access to education and economic opportunities for Hispanic Americans, c) develop a national network of individuals, organizations, and communities, with which to consult and collaborate regarding practices and policies that improve access to educational and economic opportunities for Hispanic Americans, d) monitor the development, implementation, and coordination of Federal Government educational, workforce, and business development programs designed to I’m prove outcomes for Hispanic Americans, and e) advise the President, through the the Secretary of Education (Secretary), on issues of importance to Hispanic Americans and policies relating to Hispanic Americans’ prosperity.

The E.O. also established a working group to serve as a channel for communication between the initiative and other agencies and established the President’s Advisory Commission on Hispanic Prosperity. The advisory commission will be composed of no more than 20 members who will be appointed by the President.

Former New Mexico Lt. Governor John Sanchez attended yesterday’s E.O. signing and shared his “American Dream” story.