Joe Biden’s “Unity Task Force” Plan From Radical Left Alliance – AOC, Ilhan Omar & Bernie Sanders


Per The Hill, former Vice President and presidential candidate Joe Biden’s “Unity Task Force Plan” calls for” raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour while raising taxes on corporations and the nations wealthiest.”

The plan also seeks to address income and wealth inequality among m minorities and ensure equal access to banking and financial services, expand access to credit and work to boost homeownership.

It includes promises to guarantee early childhood education, provide tuition-free access to public colleges for families making less than $125,000 and cancel up to $10,000 of student debt.

The plan also calls for 100% carbon-free power by 2035, net-zero emissions for new buildings by 2030, and accelerated adoption of zero-emission vehicles., per “The authors frame the national climate response as a matter of equity for communities that have suffered disproportionately from pollution and climate impacts…” “The input from progressive climate activists successfully pushed the platform toward faster decarbonization than Biden had previously envisioned.”

“The Biden-Sanders taskforce pushes up the timeline by 10 or 15 years.” 

There are numerous Tweets that applaud this energy initiative and say it is attainable and “viable.” However, there are those who have been pointing out the expense of solar and wind energy – particularly the lack of generation of energy when wind and solar are not available. Numerous articles have been written on the difficulty of maintaining a stable national electric grid based on these technologies. This is particularly true as these industries have not found or developed reliable battery storage.

Bill Gates has even said” There’s no battery technology that’s even close to allowing us to take all of our energy from renewables” and that it’s necessary “to deal not only with the 24-hour cycle but also with long periods of time where it’s cloudy and you don’t have sun or you don’t have wind.”