CDC And Dr. Birx – Half Of Coronavirus Antibody Tests Inaccurate


During a White House Coronavirus Task Force briefing, Dr. Birx noted that half of the testing now being conducted for coronavirus is inaccurate. Some are false positives and some are false negatives.

The CDC also released data on coronavirus antibody tests also being wrong about half of the time. In a Forbes article, they discuss the antibody or serology tests which indicate whether a person was “infected at some point in the past.” Christopher Farnsworth, an instructor of pathology and immunology at Washington University says that antibody testing “could help determine how many people have recovered from the virus, even if they never had symptoms.” Unfortunately, with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) now reporting that half of these tests can be inaccurate, that means researchers and the American public do not have a clear idea of how many Americans might already have been exposed to this virus.

As noted in a previous article on coronavirus testing, both the antibody tests and the molecular diagnostic tests (which identify active infections) are being reported as new cases at present, while the fatality rate for COVID-19 has been plummeting.

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