Iranian Lobby Group Endorses Democrats’ Platform?


The Democrat Party’s draft platform for this year’s presidential convention was leaked – and there are a lot of alarming statements. In the arena of foreign policy and national security the most glaring is their stance on Iran.

It is so lenient on the Iranian regime that their own lobbying group – the NIAC has “applauded” the Democrats. NIAC: “Big applause to the DNC for its forward-leaning platform commitments. The draft platform warns against the Trump admin’s (stet) dangerous military escalation against Iran and supports a mutual return to compliance with the Iran deal.”

Writing in the Washington Examiner in 2016, AND Magazine’s Senior Editor Sam Faddis had this to say about the Iran Deal put forward by the Obama administration:

False narratives are nothing new for the Obama administration. None, however, is more fantastic than the one fabricated in support of the Iran nuclear deal.

It goes like this: Iran has seen the error of its ways, has modified its behavior and wants desperately to rejoin the community of civilized nations. If we just give Iran the opportunity, it will evolve into a force for stability in the Middle East. We should not “fear” the Islamic Republic of Iran, but rather consider the door open to future cooperation on a host of issues.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The only thing that has changed is that we have abandoned the policy — contain the Islamic Republic of Iran — on which we relied for almost 40 years. Iran remains a hostile, radical Islamic entity and — despite the current focus on the threat from ISIS – the world’s foremost sponsor of terrorism.

Washington Examiner

Richard Grenell, former Acting Director of National Intelligence has already come out criticizing the Iran policy proposals put forward in the DNC’s draft platform. “Joe Biden has a huge problem” he tweeted earlier.

Joel Pollak, Senior Editor at Breitbart News, tweeted: “There can be no doubt that China, Iran, and Russia prefer Democrats to win. Democrats are buddy-buddy with China; they want to restore the fatally flawed Iran deal; and Obama let Putin do whatever he wanted, everywhere.”