Doctors Claim “Orchestrated Attack” Against Hydroxychloroquine As COVID-19 Treatment


America’s Frontline Doctors (aka #WhiteCoatSummit on Twitter) claim that “there is an orchestrated attack against hydroxychloroquine in the media” and a “large financial incentive for large pharmaceutical companies to discredit the drug.”

Almost as proof of this “orchestrated attack” the video of their first press conference held in front of the U.S. Supreme Court was removed from Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

Other doctors are also speaking out about the need for hydroxychloroquine to be made more widely available. “It’s cheap, it works and is safe.”

Doctors from the #WhiteCoatSummit have also pointed out that many studies -claiming that hydroxychloroquine was either ineffective against COVID-19 or caused other health problems – were flawed and many were withdrawn due to bad data or other study issues.