As Violence Continues In Portland, Media Accused Of Ignoring the “Criminal” Behavior


Media continues to claim these are “mostly peaceful protests”…Andy Ngo asks if Democrats are “willfully ignorant” of ANTIFA’s communist intentions…

While the reporter interviewing U.S. Attorney for Oregon, Billy Williams, refuse to refer to the rioting in Portland as “criminal, unlawful behavior” Williams says you have to make the distinction in your reporting. He says calling it “late night activity” makes it sound like a “party.” He then encourages the reporter to look around at the debris, damage, and graffiti around them at the U.S. federal courthouse.

Via @MrAndyNgo’s Twitter account; he has been covering ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter and has been monitoring the Portland riots for months.

Ngo was interviewed on the Ingraham Angle last night – asking why the Democrats refuse to condemn ANTIFA violence by name. “Are they sympathetic to ANTIFA or willfully ignorant about what the insurrectionary anarchist-communist movement wants?”

In the video below, protestors can be seen near the SouthEast Portland Police building. They have stolen benches from a nearby restaurant to use as barricades. The violent riots are not just located outside the U.S. federal courthouse…

While many in the media are claiming there is just graffiti – no property damage really – Andy Ngo continues to capture the ongoing violence. Here is footage of a fire being set outside the Portland Police union hall and later used a pipe to break into the building. Ngo says that last month they broke into the building and set the lobby on fire.

Here’s an example of some of the weapons which have been confiscated in recent days – riots still happening – and folks are armed.

Here’s a tweet discussing rioting last night….a local police association building is entered, a shooting and vehicle ramming also occur.

Lastly, Mr. Ngo has testified before Congress on ANTIFA and ANTIFA-affiliated groups. These groups have been using Twitter to organize and incite violence in Portland and other cities. In a separate tweet, Ngo notes that the violence in Portland has been spreading to surrounding suburban areas.