Mayor de Blasio Announces New York City COVID Checkpoints


Earlier today, New York City (NYC) Mayor Bill de Blasio announced 19 COVID-19 checkpoints at “points of entry” into NYC. The checkpoints will be at tunnels, bridges, train stations, and other sites considered to be the most likely entry points for visitors and New York residents coming into NYC from COVID-19 “hotspots.” The quarantine is a “required” – not “optional” – 14-day quarantine for those entering or returning into NYC from 35 states.

CBS reported that this comes as NYC reported no COVID deaths in the last three days. New York state’s governor Mario Cuomo has enacted the 14-day quarantine state-wide, saying “we cannot go back to the hell we experienced just a few months ago.”

Here is the mayor’s announcement, where he says that this is not optional, but “required” – anyone who has traveled to any of the states on their list must quarantine for 14 days or risk fine upwards of $10,000, he says in the announcement below.

Not everyone on Twitter was certain that NYC could enforce the quarantine even with random checkpoints. As one person pointed out, there are about 315,000 vehicles entering the city via an “eastbound crossing of PANYNJbridges” (PA, NY, NY bridges). “If you think checkpoints can ascertain where even 1% of those cars originated from, I have a Port Authority bridge to sell,” tweeted Joe Borelli (@JoeBorelliNYC).

Here is a graphic of the states considered high-risk and under the mandatory quarantine if you are entering New York: (via staff was able to confirm that some NYC employees – NYPD civilian employees – are receiving requests to volunteer to work the COVID-19 checkpoints, in lieu of their normal work hours. Additionally, reported that the NYPD was asking civilian employees to volunteer for these checkpoints.