Video: Joe Biden Says “Why The Hell Would I Take A Test”


Asks Reporter If He Should Ask Him If He Had Been A Junkie…

In an interesting interview, former Vice President and Democratic presidential Joe Biden was asked if he might take a cognitive test. His response was “No, haven’t take a test. Why the hell would I take a test?”

He then went on to say to the reporter that would be like Biden asking the reporter, Errol Barnett of CBS This Morning, if he had been a junkie before becoming a reporter. Barnett said that CBS has contacted the Biden campaign to see if they wanted to add any clarification to Biden’s remarks. CBS had not yet received any additional clarification on Biden’s remarks.

As noted in a tweet by Donald J. Trump Jr., Biden had previously responded to a similar question in June by saying that he was tested regularly. In a video posted at the end of this article, dated 30 June, Biden is heard responding that he is tested regularly for cognitive decline.

In the video below, Biden appears to say – “I’m tested regularly” when asked if he had been tested for some degree of cognitive decline.