Ground Truth: Was Hunter Biden Involved Part of a Chinese Spy Operation to Steal U.S. Nuclear Technology?


Sam Faddis expands on an article published earlier on Hunter Biden’s involvement with a Chinese state-owned firm and explains the pitfalls of the former vice-president’s son, Hunter Biden’s involvement with a Chinese state-owned firm that is seeking nuclear technology.

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Key takeaways:

“The China General Nuclear Power Corporation (CGN) is a state-owned firm and is part of the Chinese government. It is controlled by the People’s Liberation Army (PLA). It has been implicated in the theft of highly sensitive American technology and the provision of that technology to the Chinese Communist Party. In fact, it appears that the General Nuclear Power Corporation was created for the sole purpose of stealing American nuclear secrets.”

“This billion-dollar fund came into existence less than two weeks after Hunter Biden accompanied his father on a state visit to Beijing. The money to create the fund came from the Chinese government.”

“Biden and BHR were also involved in other joint ventures with the Chinese government targeting sensitive American technology and strategic materials. BHR and the Chinese state-owned military aviation contractor Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) bought the American “dual-use” part manufacturer Henniges in 2015. Henniges manufactures anti-vibration technology with military applications.”

Hunter’s involvement with CGN, though, is something qualitatively different. This was not simply a matter of a guy who had been tossed out of the Navy for cocaine use cashing in on his father’s position. This was a matter of climbing in bed with a hostile power and working as an agent of that government to the detriment of the citizens of the United States. This was not just corruption. This was espionage.”

Was Joe Biden’s son part of a Chinese spy operation to steal U.S. nuclear technology? Sure smells that way.