Ground Truth: Disappeared In China – American Attorney Imprisoned In A ‘Black Jail’


Warren Rothman is the author of the book “Kafka in China” an account of his true life experiences inside China when he was falsely accused of having mental health problems and locked away in a “black prison.”

In 2008 Warren was an attorney working in China. He spoke Chinese and had lived in China for years. He thought he knew the country and that he was safe there. He was about to discover how wrong he was.

Information concerning a multi-million dollar bribe was disclosed to Warren by a Chinese colleague. When Warren reacted negatively and chastised the Chinese colleague for engaging in illegal activity, Warren became a threat to shadowy, but powerful interests. He needed to silenced.

What happened next might be straight from the pages of a book by Kafka. Warren was threatened. His apartment was trashed, and, ultimately, he was accused of having mental health problems and locked away in a hospital where he was beaten, tortured, and drugged.

In the second installment, we will pick up the story at the point where Warren is effectively buried alive, document how he got out, and explore one of the great lingering questions. Where was the United States government during all this and, specifically, what role did Senator Diane Feinstein play?