Ground Truth: Solving Illegal Immigration


Ground Truth host Sam Faddis interviews Lazara “Laz” Ayala, a naturalized U.S. citizen from El Salvador- entrepreneur, philanthropist, filmmaker, and author. They discuss illegal immigration, its causes, and how to find a way ahead that benefits the entire country.

Laz came to the U.S., at the age of 14, fleeing the violence of the Salvadoran Civil War in 1981, just days after the December 11th massacre during which the Salvadoran Army wiped out the village of El Mozote, killing 800 civilians. He crossed the Mexican-American border in the trunk of a car to evade border security. By fifteen he was working as a dishwasher in a restaurant in California.

Decades later he is a U.S. citizen, a successful businessman, and a proud American. His focus in this interview is on finding ways to solve the illegal immigration problem which makes us stronger and more secure as a nation and does not result in more American businesses leaving our shores and moving abroad.

As the producer of his first feature-length film and author of his autobiography, both titled Illegal, Laz hopes to bridge the gap between the current story the American media portrays of undocumented immigrants and the real stories of so many who make the long and dangerous journey in search of a better life.

Laz fled his native El Salvador at the age of 14 when that nation was in the midst of a bloody civil war.