New York Attorney General Files Lawsuit To Dissolve NRA – NRA Says They Will Not Back Down


Yesterday, New York Attorney General Letitia James announced a lawsuit against the NRA, following a year-long investigation of that organization. According to NBC News, “New York Attorney General Letitia James sued the National Rifle Association and four individuals, including its chief executive, Wayne LaPierre, on Thursday, seeking to dissolve the gun rights advocacy group and accusing top executives of “years of illegal self-dealings” that funded a “lavish lifestyle.”

The NRA’s Chief Executive, Wayne LaPierre said they were not backing down, the organization was financially solvent and that this was a “premeditated” attack on the NRA and Americans’ gun rights.

“This is an unconstitutional, premeditated attack aiming to dismantle and destroy the NRA — the fiercest defender of America’s freedom at the ballot box for decades,” he said. “The NRA is well governed, financially solvent, and committed to good governance. We’re ready for the fight. Bring it on.”

Wayne LaPierre, Chief Executive National Rifle Association

Ms. James stated that the NRA “doesn’t represent gun owners. They exist to protect gun industry profits and enrich their executives.”

Below is a tweet with video of Ms. James’ announcement.