Violence Overnight In Portland, Seattle, D.C. & Chicago During ANTIFA & BLM Riots


Riots and looting occurred during Black Lives Matter (BLM) activity last night in Chicago, Portland and Seattle.


Here’s what Chicago looked like after last night’s looting. A car was driven into a business during a Black Lives Matter (BLM) riot. Looters broke into a bank and ripped out and ATM machine near State and Lake Avenues.

Andy Ngo reported that BLM endorsed the riots in Chicago due to an online rumor (incorrect) that a young boy had been killed by police there.


Last night, ANTIFA attacked an Amazon store with sledgehammers and stole for hours. They also smashed businesses in and around Capitol Hill, the location of the autonomous zone previously known as “CHAZ.”

A New York Times article quotes one Seattle business owner as saying despite the fact that the media and the Seattle mayor claim protests were peaceful with a “block-party atmosphere,” the “protests” certainly looked violent and destructive through the windows of his coffee shop.

One social media blogger placed a video of a brief ANTIFA demonstration saying it was “cringe” – showing a peaceful demonstration of about fifty people walking down the streets of Seattle.

Earlier in the day, there was a “Defend the Blue” demonstration which was apparently mostly peaceful. Police put up barricades so that the pro-police and anti-police demonstrators were separated.


Iin Portland, rioters attacked the police union building again – prompting Oregon State police and Portland police to push the rioters back. ANTIFA protestors/rioters throw an explosive into the group of police officers.

Washington D.C.

This footage, apparently from D.C. shows protesters marching and then they pull out guns and tell a driver they cannot drive down the road….

Another video shows a black woman being stopped by BLM protests and a short confrontation – she drives off as they through projectiles at her vehicle.

BLM protestors are taking to the straight during the wee hours of the morning – saying “if we don’t get no justice, then you don’t get no sleep.” Below is footage of them marching through Georgetown with megaphone and drums.