Doctors And Researchers TRY To Get Past Media AND #TechTyrant Censors – “HCQ Works…”


Before America’s Frontline Doctors held a summit in Washington D.C. in July to discuss their treatment of COVID-19 patients – what works, what doesn’t – a number of doctors had been trying to get the word out that they were treating patients successfully with hydroxychloroquine (HCQ). One of those was Dr. Zev Zelenko who administers a “cocktail” of HCQ, Zinc, and an antibiotic. Zelenko’s and other physicians’ observations about the effectiveness of HCQ in treating COVID-19 patients were occasionally censored and removed by Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

However, since the Frontline doctors held two successive days of press conferences to discuss what they labeled “misinformation” about COVID-19, the censorship surrounding COVID-19 has grown. Facebook reportedly removed 7 million posts yesterday for what they labeled “false COVID-19 information.” 7 million posts…..

And the president of the United States had one of his tweets labeled “COVID misinformation” when he said that young children were almost “immune” to the virus with the total number of children, according to the CDC website, under the age of 14 who died of or with COVID-19 was 45 as of 5 August. The president had a Facebook post deleted and the Trump Campaign was forced to delete the tweet of the president’s interview on Fox News before being allowed to resume their posts on Twitter. Below is the portion of the CDC graph which lists the number of deaths from/with COVID-19. While 45 children under 14 years of age died of COVID-19, there were a total of 13,133 death in the same age group for the same period – a running total for 2020. Deaths attributed to COVID-19 in the under 14-year category were 0.35% of all deaths less than 1% of all deaths in that age category.

One of the Frontline doctors, Dr. Simone Gold – a physician and a lawyer (Stanford Law School graduate) was fired from her hospital job once the videos went viral on social media sites. The first video of the doctors was removed from Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook – prompting users to save the video to alternative hosting sites. The doctors involved had disagreed with Dr. Fauci and his team who now say that HCQ is not proven effective and that the U.S. public should now wear masks in public settings. The Frontline doctors disagree with many of the advice coming from Fauci and his team and also claim that they have successfully been treating COVID-19 with HCQ and Zinc combinations.

Another doctor, Dr. Richard Urso – also part of the Frontline team – posted on social media that he feels the elderly have had “mass hysteria” induced upon them, fearing that “COVID is hunting and killing the elderly.” He says it is the “media message” to make the elderly fear this virus. He says the message should be “HCQ works.”

Dr. Zellenko claims to have treated over 2,000 patients with HCQ and has now become very vocal in his criticism of Fauci, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Federal Drug Administration (FDA). Some of his recents posts listed a Gateway Pundit article titled “Killer Fauci” noting:

Even Developing Nations Algeria, India, Indonesia, Cuba That Used HCQ Fared Better than US in Treating Coronavirus — By an Average of 79% Better!

Dr. Zev Zellenko via Twitter

Below is a link to a War Room Pandemic video in which they interview Dr. Zelenko. Zelenko discusses how much money is at stake – in pushing the newer, more expensive medicines and vaccines. Zelenko says there is no reason for panic – we have a treatment for COVID-19 – a safe and effective treatment. He further noted that the pandemic is no longer the disease – it is the lies surrounding COVID-19 that is the real problem.

Here are some additional posts on Twitter regarding the HCQ “controversy,” with many posters noting that since HCQ is a generic drug (i.e. inexpensive) they suspect that profit is at the root of this censorship and defamation.

Using cheap generic drugs like #Hydroxychloroquine is a great risk to the wealth of those with interests in profitable drugs. Funny how a drug with a 65 year history only seemed to become controversial in 2020. #HCQworks Truth saves lives – pass it on.

David F. Priest,@David_F_Priest, Twitter

Hydroxychloroquine has been safely prescribed hundreds of millions of times since the FDA approved it 65 years ago. CDC says it can be “safely taken by pregnant women and children”. WHO (World Health Organization) calls it an essential medicine. Why is the media all of a sudden claiming it’s dangerous?

Dr. Simone Gold, @drsimonegold, Twitter

(New York City) Councilman Paul Vallone, a Democrat, struggled with severe #COVIDー19: “I couldn’t breathe, very weak, couldn’t get out of bed. My doctor prescribed [#hydroxychloroquine]. Took it that day and within two to three days, I was able to breathe”. #HCQWORKS

Anne-Cécile Chaudré, @ACChaudre
, Twitter
citing a article in which the councilman thanks President Trump for raising awareness about hydroxychloroquine.

They bury the good news, but will they be able to ignore the latest Research Data consisting of (2.6B) ppl. Covid risk (79%) lower in those using (HCQ) early “The data is really damning embarrassing to Fauci/Hahn/ Redfield they need to be held to acct” Dr Oskoui


Chicago1Ray , @Chicago1Ray, Twitter
citing an interview with Dr. Oskoui on the Ingraham Angle. Video below.

HCQ IS SUPER SAFE “HCQ is super safe and has preventative effects. Here’s the data.” ∼ Dr. Richard Urso

The Green Passion, @TheGreenPassio1, Twitter

After our press conference, I was defamed by the media, censored by social media companies, terminated from employment, and viciously attacked, all for advocating for the right of physicians to prescribe what they believe is best for their patients.

Dr. Simone Gold

You decide – why is the media and the Tech Giants censoring this viewpoint?