Ground Truth: Welfare For The Rich – PPP Funds Went To Chinese Companies?


Sam Faddis interviews Lisa Conyers on crony capitalism and welfare for the rich. Lisa is a consultant for private clients and think tanks on economic and public policy issues.

She and her co-author Phil Harvey spent two years digging into the corrupt system which pumps your hard-earned tax dollars into the coffers, not of struggling small farmers or “mom and pop” businesses, but of giant multimillion-dollar corporations.

Not all of these corporations are even American. Hundreds of millions of dollars provided by Congress pursuant to the COVID-related “Payroll Protection Plan” (PPP) were paid to Chinese corporations active in the United States.

Sam and Lisa also discuss what you the average American can do about this, how you can get involved, and what it will take to end this practice, and change the rigged game in Washington, D.C. to ensure your money is spent for the purposes intended.

Lisa’s new book is “Welfare for the Rich – How your tax dollars end up in millionaires pockets and what you can do about it.” Available online at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.