Ground Truth: Disappeared In China – American Attorney Imprisoned In A ‘Black Jail’ (Part 2)


Sam Faddis and Warren Rothman pick up where they left off in their first interview with their discussion of Warren’s unlawful detention in China and torture by Chinese authorities. Warren, a Chinese speaking American lawyer who had been in China for years, was targeted because he came into possession of information regarding a multimillion-dollar bribe paid to Chinese authorities by an American company.

In this episode Warren details:

– How he believes he was poisoned over a period of time prior to his detention in the hope that he would suffer heart failure and die.

– How U.S. State Department officials not only did not act to get him out of confinement but cooperated with Chinese authorities in locking him away.

– The extensive efforts he made after his ultimate release to get the State Department and the Congress of the United States to investigate his detention and take action against the Chinese Communist Party. No one would lift a finger on his behalf.

– How Senator Diane Feinstein’s office failed to take action of any kind on Warren’s behalf and simply sat on all the materials Warren provided detailing how he was confined, drugged, and tortured.

Warren’s story is a terrifying one and provides a look inside the corruption at the heart of our relationship with Communist China. Our government, whose primary responsibility is the safety and security of Americans, is more concerned with profits, corporate interests, and sweeping the truth under the rug.

Warren Rothman