President Trump Visits With Minnesota Businesses Destroyed During Riots


According to reporting from Breitbart, the President met with Minnesota business owners who had been affected by the riots – many of them had their businesses totally destroyed. The President heard from Jim Stage, the owner of Lloyds Pharmacy which has operated in the same building for 100 years – that building was burned to the ground during the rioting. Stage told his story in Congress as well earlier this summer.

The owner of Scores Sports Bar – Minneapolis firefighter Korboi (KB) Balla and his wife – told the story about how he spent his life’s savings to open a sports bar before it was destroyed by rioters. Balla said he was attempting to rebuild the bar by securing financing to purchase a new building for $1.3 million.

In an AND Magazine article earlier today, it was noted that Democrat stakeholders have not met these business owners who had their livelihoods destroyed by the George Floyd riots. However, Kamala Harris and other stakeholders in the Democrat Party have been quick to help bail out the perpetrators of this destruction.

Below tweet has a video link with the president’s statement in Minnesota.

For those interested, here is a link to a list of businesses destroyed during the riots.