District Attorney In Portland Meets With ANTIFA Buddy For Advice On Mobs


The District Attorney for Multnomah County, Mike Schmidt announced a new policy that he will limit the types of charges pressed against “protestors” in Portland, saying protesters should have their “voices heard.” Schmidt wrote on Twitter that he sat down with an “old buddy” of his – @AWKWORDrap – to discuss his priorities as District Attorney. Multnomah County is where Portland is located.

@Awkwordrap is a self-described “ANTIFA militant” who frequently pays homage to Angela Davis – a former member of the Black Panther Party that was accused of killing dozens of police officers. He is a member of her new group “TEN DemandsFor Justice” which seeks to not only defund police forces nationwide but also upend the criminal justice system. Their website states the following:

Ten Demands for Justice envisions a new society in which prisons and police are no longer necessary, and communities are equipped to provide for their own health and safety.

These are the ten demands for justice posted to tenforjustice.com.

Here’s one of AWKWORDrap’s tweets applauding Ten For Justice.

The time for platitudes and reforms is over. We have worked for weeks, reviewing and incorporating feedback from the abolitionist and Black communities, developing #TenForJustice: The Road to Abolition

@AWKWARDrap via Twitter

Some appreciated his “wokeness” in seeking “reparative” punishment – i.e. no prison sentence. Mostly, the nationwide reaction to both Schmidt and Chicago’s D.A. Kim Foxx and their leniency for looters and violent rioters has been very negative, with accusations that they are “fueling” the violence which has continued for months now.

If you have not yet seen the video of the driver in Portland being taken from his car and beaten and subsequently kicked in the head while on the ground, it is posted below via Andy Ngo’s tweet. This crime was apparently “violent” enough for Schmidt to say that he will prosecute the “protesters” who committed this act, however, the individual in the video, wearing the black “security-labeled” vest has not yet been arrested. As reporter Andy Ngo noted, the man wearing the ‘SECURITY’ vest is part of the “marauding BLM security at the protests in Portland” that BLM, ANTIFA, and “Ten For Justice” want to replace police with.