Ground Truth: Is A Derivative From The Oleander Plant A Possible Cure For COVID-19?


Ground Truth host, Sam Faddis interviews Andrew Whitney, Vice Chairman and Director of Phoenix Biotechnology, Inc., as they discuss the possibility of a cure for COVID-19 and the opposition mounted by powerful financial interests to the pursuit of this incredibly promising development.

Per Whitney, Phoenix Biotechnology has developed a drug based on an extract from the oleander plant that has shown great promise in treating COVID-19 patients and helping them achieve a full recovery. The company is now seeking approval to proceed with human testing and validation of the initial testing results.

Rather than being encouraged for its efforts, Phoenix Biotechnology has run into a buzz saw of opposition from the corporate media seeking to discredit the company’s work and prevent it from proceeding.

Meanwhile, the federal government is putting $9 billion into contracts with seven separate companies for the development of completely experimental vaccines.

Is the opposition to Phoenix Biotechnology’s work based on sound medical reasons or is it based on opposition to the possible development of a cheap, safe, immediately available cure for COVID-19 and what that would mean for the big corporations betting on mandatory vaccines and billion dollar paydays?

Listen and decide for yourself.

Andrew Whitney is Vice Chairman and Director of Phoenix Biotechnology Inc. Andrew is a Cambridge postgraduate-educated strategy specialist with experience at the senior executive level in multiple technology sectors. He has 20 years’ experience as an entrepreneur, CEO, Founder, and private equity investor in the bioinformatics, materials, energy, automotive, cleantech, digital media, blockchain, and defense/aerospace sectors. Andrew also has 25 years’ experience in the licensing and management of IP rights, and developed initiatives with value in excess of $350M for one particular client.

Andrew has served as an advisor to the board of several high-profile, innovative businesses, both public and private.