Bullying Or Activism? The New “Socialism”


Protestors in Washington, D.C. took to the streets over the weekend and plan an even larger protest for 5 September. Restaurant goers in D.C. were subjected to harassment and bullying from protestors who demanded they make the Black Lives Matter (BLM) “fist” as a sign they denounced “white supremacy.” The fist symbol is also used by the Antifa movement.

Protesters marched through a variety of areas, in many cases approaching patrons who would not make the fist sign – saying “white silence is violence.”

In the video below, you can see that the protesters have someone filming them – in this case as one of the protesters asks the couple who refuse to chant and raise their fists if they are Christians and yells in their faces repeated, while not wearing a mask.

In the video below, the woman – identified by the Washington Post as Lauren B. Victor – being chastised by the protesters it turns out admits later that she has marched in Black Lives Matter protests before, but did not believe she should be forced to do anything on command. Victor explained that she just felt coerced and somewhat threatened — although she also said she wasn’t afraid, according to the Post.

According to the Washington Post, “protesters wound their way up 14th Street, chanting, “No Justice, No Peace,” and, “Fire, fire, gentrifier — Black people used to live here.” The “Fire, Fire, Gentrifier” chant is one that has been repeated in many cities – and is interrupted as a threat to burn down housing where BLM and Antifa protesters claim black and/or indigenous people once lived.

Many on social media agreed – from the left and the right – that this tactic of confronting individuals with a large mob seeking compliance with their cause just might just backfire.

Below is more footage of protesters moving through the street encouraging outdoor patrons in the restaurants to chant “When Black Lives Matter, All Lives Will Matter.”