Joe Biden’s Pittsburgh Speech Summarized: Blame Trump For Months Of Violence Fueled By Democrats, BLM And ANTIFA


Former Vice President Joe Biden was in Pittsburgh yesterday for a public appearance. As anticipated by mainstream media reports, Biden sought to blame Trump for the violence ravaging American cities over the last several months.

President Trump has repeatedly commented that Biden has not condemned the rioting and violence that has been occurring nationwide for the last three months. Many felt this “public” speech was Biden’s attempt to address concerns – amid falling poll numbers and concerns with voters over lawlessness – that he was not and would not be if elected, soft on violence and crime.

In fact, after ignoring the violence that has been destroying parts of major cities across the U.S., Biden and his campaign have apparently decided that they would now blame the violence on Trump and his administration. It is unclear how they reconcile maintaining for three months now, along with most of the press, that these have been “peaceful protests.” After literally ignoring the destruction from these violent riots for three months, Biden now says “fires are burning” and blames them on Trump’s ‘rhetoric’ – not the rhetoric from the left or their organizers in Black Lives Matter. the Democrat Party, or Antifa calling for “pigs to burn,” the defunding of police forces, and the “complete overthrow” of our republic.

Video outside the venue shows few people outside to greet the candidate and coverage from inside shows no crowd in attendance. Biden’s campaign blamed the lack of attendees on “coronavirus” measures, however that has not stopped other Pennsylvania residents from turning out for President Trump’s appearances in the state. The full video of Biden’s speech is posted below.

Here’s a portion of his speech where he appears to lose the narrative, stating:

“COVID has taken this year, just since the outbreak, it’s taken more than 100 year….look here’s …the lives, it’s just, I mean ya think about it….”

Twitter video

As noted by many on social media, Biden appeared to falter a number of times throughout the speech, but delivered a number of his lines attacking President Trump with more vigor. The speech lasted approximately twelve minutes.

Biden finished his speech – which appeared to be entirely pre-scripted – in front of approximately seven press folks and he took no questions from the press. This prompted a few folks on social media to ask “why did he leave his basement?”

The New York Times, following the end of the Republican National Convention, published an article that the President “baselessly accused Democrats of giving ‘free rein’ to violent anarchists and criminals.” In fact, Democrat mayors and other politicians in Portland, Seattle, D.C., Chicago – along with Speaker Pelosi and other key Democrat legislators in D.C. – have widely supported “defund the police” measures, allowed rioting and looting to continue, and refused or denounced any federal assistance to help control the violence.