Are You Aware Riots And Protests Are Continuing? Rochester Was Just Hit…


In Rochester, Rioters accosted restaurant patrons, destroyed restaurants and other property, and fired fireworks and rocks at police officers – then take a look at Seattle, Portland, Kenosha, Louisville…200+
cities have been hit

Below are several tweets from Rochester, New York showing what most of the press continues to claim are “mostly peaceful demonstrators” accosting restaurant patrons, setting fire to bus stops, destroying restaurant property and hurling rocks, other projectiles, and commercial-grade fireworks at police officers.

Rioters can be heard chanting “If they don’t give us our S*!!, we shut them down.” Glass is heard breaking, chairs are being thrown – watch for yourself.

Why does the mainstream media ignore and not show the violence – the intimidation of innocent citizens and bystanders?

Below is a link to a CBS report of the “demonstrators” in Rochester which says “Largely peaceful protesters demonstrating against the suffocation death of Daniel Prude marched Friday outside police headquarters in Rochester, NY — as officers doused some activists with a chemical spray & repeatedly fired an irritant to disperse crowds.” There is no mention of restaurant patrons fleeing large crowds throwing furniture saying “we’re shutting this party down.” No mention of what actions caused the police to declare this a riot and tell demonstrators they had to disperse. Why?

The Rochester Police Department reported that their police officers were continuing to be hit with bottles and rocks and that they were taking steps to disperse the crowd. It was later reported that they were being hit by commercial fireworks as well.

Below is a video posted to Instagram and Twitter which claims it is of Steven Lysenko, an assistant principal at Spencerport High School. He says the Rochester Police Department “can f*%* right off America. F*** the police – f*** Rochester Police Department.”

Below is a video of a U-haul location set ablaze in Rochester, via @ScooterCaster (FNTV).

Manhattan, New York was apparently also hit…

For more on the violence occurring and who’s behind it and where it’s occurring…

Louisville, KY – if you don’t know about the NFAC – here’s a link to their leader.

Kenosha, WI – Here’s a link to what it looked like after the rioting and fires burned down.

Dallas, TX – Black Lives Matter protestors chase and throw objects at LGBT group members, including @BrandonStraka.

Manhattan, NY

Portland, OR – New technique of Molotov cocktails seen in Portland riots and other locations.

Here’s a link to an article that says 48 out of the 50 largest U.S. cities were hit by violence – not just protesters.

Washington, D.C. – In addition to continued protests and rioting – including the RNC riots, D.C.’s police union says it must have more police.