More Harassment Of Innocents From BLM Protesters – This Time In Pittsburgh


In case you’ve missed Black Lives Matter (BLM) protesters harassing restaurant patrons in Washington, D.C., and Rochester, they’re now at in Pittsburgh too. An elderly couple was harassed and called names – someone drank one of their drinks and then some of the protesters started breaking glasses and plates. You can see patrons get up and leave their tables as the group approached prior to the singling out the older couple. In a separate video below, you can see BLM protesters verbally harass and hit a bicyclist.

This apparently happened at three separate Pittsburgh restaurants and all three of those restaurants took to social media to defend the protesters, saying they understood their pain. Apparently, they did not care about the discomfort or harassment of their patrons?

In the video above, you may notice that there appears to be a leader or two, who motion to someone to come near the elderly couple’s table – two folks show up – one with a video camera the other with a camera. Who’s paying for them to “document” their protests?

Here’s more video of another Pittsburgh restaurant where BLM protesters said “we’re not going anywhere” and “you won’t get no peace.”