Armed Leftists Preparing For War – The John Brown Gun Clubs


Two Los Angeles Sheriff’s Deputies have been ambushed and shot in the head. Less than two weeks ago, Antifa assassins stalked and killed Aaron Danielson on the streets of Portland. Three individuals have been arrested in Colorado in connection with an August incident in which armed rioters marched through the neighborhood of a Colorado Springs police officer. One of those rioters, 36-year-old Sherrie Smith is charged with pointing a loaded rifle at occupants of a passenger vehicle and threatening to shoot them.

What passes for mass media in this country largely continues to focus its attention on right-wing “militias” and the alleged danger posed by them to our democracy. It ignores, or chooses to ignore, the vast, growing threat of armed violence by leftists and the nationwide preparations being made by Marxist organizations for what can only be characterized as a civil war.

“Redneck Revolt” – radicalizing working-class white Americans as Marxists

The arrest of Sherrie Smith is as good a place to start as any in this analysis. Smith is a member of Redneck Revolt. Redneck Revolt is a Marxist organization focused on organizing and radicalizing working-class white Americans. A review of the principles on which Redneck Revolt is based shows the usual laundry list of Marxist positions familiar to anyone following Antifa or BLM.

Redneck Revolt opposes the current democratic form of government. It is against private property: “Private property rights are not the basis of liberty” they say. They want an end to the “patriarchy.” They believe in “the revolution.”

And, most saliently, they believe in arming themselves and fighting for that “revolution.”

We are not pacifists. Redneck Revolt believes in using any and all means at our disposal to gain our freedom and true liberty…

Redneck Revolt’s John Brown Gun Clubs

To this end, Redneck Revolt has established a nationwide network of what are called “John Brown Gun Clubs.” The name is a deliberate reference to the abolitionist who famously led a raid on the federal armory at Harpers Ferry prior to the Civil War in an abortive attempt to seize weapons and arm slaves for a rebellion against their masters. There are in excess of 45 such clubs nationwide.

Members of the Puget Sound John Brown Gun Club were identified as being present in the so-called CHAZ, the autonomous zone in Seattle during its short existence. Other members have been seen carrying rifles on numerous occasions nationwide. They apparently provide “security” for Black Lives Matter and Antifa rallies. Armed men were also seen marching in a Black Lives Matter demonstration in Milwaukee.

Members of the John Brown Gun Clubs openly carry and are typically seen with AR-15s and AKM rifles. The clubs offer training in the use of these weapons and sponsor range days where their members gather to shoot. The training is focused on the tactical use of such weapons not just as individuals but as groups or teams.

Redneck Revolt specifically promotes the doctrine espoused in a book called the Mini Manual of the Urban Guerilla. The book was written in 1969 by a Brazilian Marxist revolutionary. The full text of the manual was until recently available for download on the Redneck Revolt website, but the link was apparently removed because it had attracted notice amongst individuals and groups tracking leftist organizations in this country.

The Mini Manual of the Urban Guerilla is exactly what it sounds like. It is a handbook for revolutionaries designed to teach them how to launch and carry out an armed Marxist revolution. It reads in part:

“The urban guerrilla is a person who fights the military dictatorship with weapons, using unconventional methods.”

“The basic question in the technical preparation of the urban guerrilla is, nevertheless, to know how to handle weapons such as the submachine gun, revolver, automatic pistol, FAL, various types of shotguns, carbines, mortars, bazookas, etc.”

“The urban guerrilla’s reason for existence, the basic condition in which he acts and survives, is to shoot. The urban guerrilla must know how to shoot well, because it is required by this type of combat.”

Mini Manual of the Urban Guerrilla

The manual also provides instructions on how to use explosives, conduct kidnappings, and carry out assassinations.

Is the media downplaying a growing insurgency in our own country?

As the mass media continues to downplay the growing danger of Marxist insurgency in this country, the distance between reality and what is being fed to the average American grows ever wider. Redneck Revolt and the John Brown Gun Clubs are not the only the leftist organizations arming themselves. The Socialist Rifle Association and the NFAC amongst others now openly train with and carry arms.

All this is occurring against the backdrop of violent riots in which it is increasingly common for agitators to call for killing the police and burning down the system. Meanwhile, supposed mainstream Democratic politicians find it impossible to condemn the violence or to support law enforcement and the rule of law.

From a global perspective, there is nothing new here. This is how Marxist revolutions evolve, grow, and ultimately seize power. We have allowed a very powerful movement to grow inside of this country to the point where it is arming foot soldiers, setting our cities on fire, and has long since wormed its way inside our institutions of higher learning and much of our government.

Many of us have feared for some time now that we were headed for the day when shots would be fired, and we would see open warfare in our streets. The first shots in reality have already been fired, and unless we act that open warfare may begin any day.